Congress needs reform and here’s why.

In the United States, we have a Congress composed of our nation’s representatives that make some of the most critical decisions on our behalf. The representatives are sent to Washington to cast votes, deliberate, and pass bills that affect our everyday life. Our society changes constantly, and new issues arise every day. Senior leadership will not fix new problems. In the words of policy analyst Dan Greenburg, “Congressional term limits are a necessary corrective to inequalities which inevitably hinder challengers and aid incumbents” To break it down for you as citizens of the United States, we each encounter very different problems that we rely on our nation’s leaders to solve. If our society is evolving every day, why should we expect older leadership to solve it? Not all solutions are effective if they’re given from an older, less current mindset. So within this speech, I will be detailing my reasons for why members of the United States Congress should be given term limits. Term limits can improve legislative actions by forcibly bringing new faces with new ideas and proposals for our nation.

Pictured: United States Capitol (Credits: CultureTrip)

Here are some of my personal beliefs behind the idea of congressional term limits. First: Fresh Ideas; Imagine what it would be if one person represents his/her constituents for over a decade. How about if you extrapolate this to every state in the country. There is no denying that term limits will come in handy in injecting fresher ideas and perspectives into government. As new people come in. it becomes a lot easier to share ideas and even tap into a future generation’s talent and productivity. When you have the same faces in Congress for a long time, it will be relatively hard to develop policies that align with the current world.

Now let discuss our representatives themselves. Second: Boosting devotion and courage among members of Congress. It is no secret that most politicians will often end up thinking about the next cycle of elections. For this reason, they fail to embrace the right standpoints when needed the most. Typically you’ll see this move to ensure they secure their seats in the next election, albeit at the expense of their constituents. While at it, these politicians will barely involve themselves in re-election campaigns while in office. While at it, these politicians will barely involve themselves in re-election campaigns while in office. With their focus on nothing like politics, it becomes much easier to attain economic and social development in the long run. It will be fair to mention that the desire to get re-elected will often result in sluggishness and a sense of false loyalty.

Pictured: United States Capitol (Credits: United States Capitol Police)

Third: Potentially limited instances of corruption. Staying in power for long will often result in many politicians taking advantage of the system. Once they are conversant with how to manipulate things, corruption becomes the order of the day. That they will influence different government bodies for personal gain is no news. In contrast, it will be relatively complex for new entrants to find themselves in compromising situations. While some might come under the influence of special interests, it will take long before they can learn the ropes. As such, they will barely be sure which body to use for personal gain. While at it, these office-bearers will scarcely budge to undue pressure for specific legislations such as bills and resolutions. So, while the discussions of congressional term limits being necessary or not will continue to happen, we must realize how important it is for a rotation of leaders.

With the insights above, it will be fair to lean towards embracing these limits. One primary reason for this would be the injection of fresh ideas, new blood, and more ideas into our current system. Nothing beats the satisfaction and productivity that comes with this.

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